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Stichting MAE has the privilege of telling important stories through inspiring and impactful productions each year. The many touching responses we receive from our performances provide us with an inexhaustible motivation to keep going. However, producing performances is very costly. Do you also believe that important stories need to be told? Then become a member of Club MAE!

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As a donor to Stichting MAE, you automatically become a member of Club MAE for one year. Club MAE members are extremely important to us. Not only do you make our productions possible, but you also serve as our ambassador. Naturally, we take good care of you and like to reward you for your support. We do this by offering you interesting benefits and involving you as much as possible in our projects - if you want, of course! This way, you get, as it were, a seat in "our theater".

Like in the theater, Club MAE has different "tiers". The higher the donation, the higher the tier. The higher the tier, the more interesting the benefits. All tiers receive at least one free ticket, discounts on additional tickets, and Club MAE activities. Higher tiers get exclusive access to open rehearsals, press presentations, and other beautiful experiences.

Membership in Club MAE is not a subscription. You are not tied to anything. After one year, your membership automatically expires. If you make a new donation, you are a member for another year. Oh yes! Stichting MAE is a non-profit organization with cultural ANBI status. Donors therefore receive a tax benefit. You can find out how this works on the website of the tax service.

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Your support greatly aids Stichting MAE. There are indeed a tremendous amount of costs involved in producing our performances. A few examples include:

  • renting theaters for the performances

  • renting technical equipment (lighting and sound) and paying the technicians' salaries

  • renting rehearsal spaces for the months-long rehearsal periods

  • fair salaries for our creatives (director, choreographer, musical leader, musicians, etc.) and other professionals

  • set construction, including renting a location and transportation

  • renting or material costs for costumes and props

  • ongoing costs for web hosting, accounting, etc.

  • and much more...


In any case, one thing is certain, every euro is invested in our productions!


If you would like to help Stichting MAE as a volunteer (for example, by building sets, designing costumes, being a stagehand during performances, or in other ways), please check out our volunteer page. We can always use the help!


Club MAE members share a number of benefits that are the same across all tiers. All members receive (if desired) the latest news, first access to ticket sales, and 30% off our merchandise. In addition to these benefits, the different tiers also receive extra advantages and unique privileges. See below what our theater has to offer.



  • 1 free ticket

  • 10% discount on regular tickets

A fantastic view of everything!



  • 2 gratis tickets

  • 10% discount on regular tickets

  • access to press presentations

See everything before it happens!



  • 3 free tickets

  • 15% discount on regular tickets

  • access to press presentations and open rehearsals

  • merchandise welcome package

The stage becomes tangible!



  • 6 free tickets

  • 20% discount on regular tickets

  • access to press presentations and open rehearsals

  • backstage tour

  • merchandise welcome package

As if you are standing on stage!

Of course you can also make an anonymous donation. In that case, you will not be included as a Club MAE member and you will not receive any benefits. Would you like to make an anonymous donation? Then click on the button below and you can enter an amount yourself.

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MAE- Spring Awakening BTS-90- copy.jpg
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