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As a non-profit organization with a cultural ANBI status, Stichting MAE cannot exist without the material and financial support of partners who back us. We are continuously looking for sustainable relationships with business partners who, like Stichting MAE, want to contribute to their corporate social responsibility and wish to emphasize this with a strong signal.


Partners of Stichting MAE make a strong, societal statement by fully supporting our vision. They are, if desired, actively involved in all our activities, both on and off the stage. We form long-lasting, sustainable collaborations in which we, Stichting MAE and its partners, strengthen each other. Offer us the opportunity to pursue our ambitions and become a partner of Stichting MAE!

Would you like to know what a collaboration could mean? Read on or get in touch with us.


Kjelwyn, owner of the all-around media company Mediamattie, always wanted to become a musical star himself. One problem: he had "no talent" (his words). That's why he supports "people who do have talent" through Stichting MAE. With his company Mediamattie, he coordinates the marketing mix of Stichting MAE and contributes wherever he can to the communication and expressions of the foundation.

Mediamattie has decided to become a partner of Foundation MAE because "we 100% support the idea of conveying serious messages through entertainment and musicals, so people start conversations with each other." The collaboration has been bearing fruit from the start, and there's much more to come...


We like to think along with our partners to determine how we can form a beautiful collaboration.

Firstly, theatre is a wonderful way to maintain business relationships. Attending a performance can be an interesting and connecting corporate gift that, given our themes, also affirms your societal involvement.

Visit our productions together with colleagues or relations with a business arrangement. Based on your wishes, we can arrange a lot. Think of the reception, a meal beforehand, VIP treatment and seating, an intermission arrangement or a drink afterward. This way, you make a great impression.

Of course, the representation, the visibility of our partners is also important. This can involve mentions on our website, program booklets, posters, tickets, our social media, and in our newsletter. Visibility during the performances is also possible through banners, television screens, or even a mention via voice-over.

Additionally, as Stichting MAE, we also give presentations at companies or events about the societal topics we address with our performances. By alternating music and information, these are impactful activities for everyone present, often leading to discussions for days afterward. The content of these presentations is, of course, fully determined in consultation.

If you are interested in a possible partnership with Stichting MAE and want to know more about the possibilities, please contact us. We would love to introduce ourselves personally!

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