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Creating theater begins outside of the spotlights. From administration and marketing to finance and legal matters; behind every moment on stage lies a world of preparation and collaboration. Creating theater is a multifaceted effort where various disciplines and skills come together, long before the premiere.​


​To elevate our productions, we are looking for passionate volunteers eager to contribute to meaningful art. We believe the most powerful theater emerges when people with diverse backgrounds and talents come together. Whether you're a seasoned marketing expert, an administrative jack-of-all-trades, a financial prodigy, a genius graphic designer, or simply have a passion for the various aspects of theater: we're keen to explore your talents to find a unique place for you in our team.


We are also seeking additional board members who want to help decide our future. This is an important and beautiful role, but also a responsible one. Our board, as the guardian of our foundation, cherishes the flame of our mission, ensuring every action and decision aligns with our objectives and vision, so that Stichting MAE continues to actively contribute to positive change and connection in our society.​

Do you also want to initiate societal change? Sign up below, and together we can explore how you can make a difference at Stichting MAE!

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At Stichting MAE, we greatly value the commitment of our volunteers and strive for a positive and inclusive collaboration. But, what can be expected of you, and what can you expect from us?


  • You can indicate how much time you can dedicate to Stichting MAE. Although different disciplines and roles may require more or less commitment. We aim for you to spend an average of 2 to 4 hours per week on your tasks.

  • We expect a dedicated, involved, and enthusiastic contribution to our team, with collaboration at its core. We encourage open communication and respect for each other's (creative) ideas, all in line with the vision of Stichting MAE.

  • Clear communication is essential. Regular meetings to discuss progress and address any challenges are crucial.

  • Theater productions can be very dynamic, so some flexibility is very important.


  • You will become part of a wonderful community consisting of a passionate group of creators and theater lovers aiming to make the world a bit better.

  • Stichting MAE is committed to an environment where volunteers not only contribute but also grow in their skills and experience. You will be supported as much as possible.

  • As a volunteer, you automatically become part of Club MAE, including associated benefits!


If you're interested in being part of our passionate team and contributing to meaningful theater productions, please sign up. We'd love to schedule an introductory meeting to discuss your skills, interests, availability, and expectations. Together, we can discover the role that best fits you and how you can contribute to Stichting MAE.

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What aspects are involved in creating theater? Discover your role at Stichting MAE!

Production: Production management, Costume design, Set design and construction, Prop master, Lighting design, Sound design

Performance: Stage management, Stage hands, Front-of-house staff, Makeup artist/Hair stylist

Technical: Sound engineering, Lighting technology, Stage mechanics, Video technology

Administration and Organization: Administration, Accounting, Project management, Logistics and planning

Communication and Marketing: Marketing strategy, Public relations, Social media management, Graphic design, Copywriting

Finance and Fundraising: Financial management, Fundraising, Sponsorship

Web Design and Content: Web design, Web content creation

Audience Services: Ticket sales, Audience support

Education and Outreach: Educational programs, Collaborations with schools and communities

Legal Affairs: Contract negotiations, Terms and conditions, Intellectual property

Other: Catering, Safety, Sustainability and environmental management

Would you like to contribute, but don't see a connection with the list above? Feel free to sign up anyway. We can then determine together where you can best apply your talents!

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